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Founder & CEO

Matt Marquez

Has been serving Sarasota, FL for over 20 ​years. Climbing and removing large and ​dangerous trees.

As owner and operator, he personally handles ​all job’s ensuring that jobs are executed safely ​and properly while providing customers with ​the lowest possible prices in the business.


Mr. Marquez has worked for many of the top ​tree companies before building a well ​reputable tree expert service that has now ​evolved into PT&G.

With being trained to remove large trees ​manually without the need of large, costly ​machinery and cutting out all the overhead of ​that equipment, is how he is able to provide ​customers with the lowest possible prices.

Find out for yourself by receiving a quote today ​for any tree work you may need.


In Action

You can always count on a ​well done thorough job all ​the time, every time.



Work with me

to see the difference that plant tree ​& garden can offer, compared to ​other tree companies.


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